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Termites Ashgrove, Brisbane Northside, Queensland

Have a termite or pest problem in Ashgrove? It's time to call the team at Conquer Termites Northside. Conquer Termites Northside are your friendly local professionals in Ashgrove. Whether you need termite protection for your home at Ashgrove or general pest control, please consider the 5 star rated team at Conquer Termites Northside .

As our team are fully qualified, licensed and insured we give you the highest quality backed by expert knowledge. At Conquer Termites Northside we have the latest inspection technology, tools and are well equiped to deal with most termite or pests control issues.

Call us during business hours or complete our enquiry form to have your termite Ashgrove or pest control Ashgrove needs attended to.

We are ready to service your needs such as:

  • Ashgrove termite inspections
  • Termite barriers in Ashgrove
  • Termite eradication in Ashgrove
  • Ashgrove pre purchase inspections
  • Australian Standard pre-contruction termite treatments for renovations and extensions

Not sure of the difference between white ants and termites? White ants and termites are the same pest.

For all your termite and pest problems call Conquer Termites Northside during office hours on (07) 3356 8801.

Ashgrove Termite Treatments

Street Date Treated
Myagah Road 2014
Victoria Street 2015
Grand Parade 2015
Anderson Ave 2016
Waterworks Rd 2016
Lovekin St 2016
Buckingham Street 2016
Buckingham Street 2017
McCormack Ave 2018
Waterworks Rd 2019
Ashgrove Termite Risk

Ashgrove Termite Risk

Pest data for Ashgrove

Ashgrove Termites Inspections Data

Metric Rating (1 Low - 10 High)
Forestry index 7 - Many parks and trees
Water index 6 - Breakfast Creek
Paperbark index 7
Gumtree index 6
Density 7
Developed 1916

Did you know this about Ashgrove

Ashgrove is a leafy suburb that is characterised by it's hilly terrain and "Ashgrovian houses". Ashgrove is only four kilometres north west of the city, making it a popular place for families to call home.

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Customer Reviews

We're working hard to retain our perfect 5.0 rating on Google.

We had termite barrier and pest control completed at our home. They were very professional, informative and came back for a second pest trea... more
Jen Twidale
18 Dec 2020

When we discovered live termites, we called in a panic. We were made to feel our concerns were valid  and someone was sent out later that da... more
Rebecca Moore
18 Dec 2020

A very efficient and friendly service. Karen at head office was super efficient at scheduling our service and has remained a valuable liaiso... more
Nicole Hess
18 Dec 2020

Ben and the guys from Conquer did an amazing job installing a new termite system at my place recently. Super professional and extremely know... more
Michael Dahl
11 Dec 2020

 Frequently Asked Questions

Will Termite Damage Result In Your Home's Value Lowering?

If you try selling your home with an active colony of termites, then the final sale will not be as lucrative as your home deserves. Any prospective buyer will need to spend money dealing with the infestation, resulting in a lower purchase price. To the joy of homeowners everywhere, however, just because you have suffered termite damage in the past, that doesn't mean your home can't sell for full value today. Conquer Termites Northside can help you understand exactly what you need to do to ensure your home retains as much of its value as possible when you suffer from termites in Ashgrove. For help with any termite problem, call our stellar team on (07) 3356 8801.

Once termites have begun to eat away at your home, you may feel that its value is at threat, but there are some simple steps you can take to protect it. Because of how hard it is to retain value with an active infestation eating away at your home, you should first focus on keeping the property free of all termites. Professional termite treatments, as well as the appropriate long-term barriers, is all that's needed to keep your home free of the pests. Restore your home to its original state by repairing any damage done by the termites, and it will generally sell for its original value. Just because your home has been attacked by termites, you won't have to suffer from significantly decreased property value when it comes time to sell it.

Is There A Situation That Makes Pest Control An Absolute Necessity?

Circumstances need to be correct to ensure professional pest control is warranted. Inversely, it's not always an appropriate time or place to reach out to a professional team to perform pest control in Ashgrove for your home, making it difficult to judge when you should do so. Working out when you need expert help for your home is a speciality of our team here at Conquer Termites Northside. To reach out to our team, contact us on (07) 3356 8801.

Finding an insect inside you home may not always be pleasant and should always be seriously considered as a threat to the safety of your property, but that doesn't mean you always need to reach out to the experts. If you've spotted a single ant in your home, that doesn't necessarily mean that you need to professionally treat your home for pests. An open window or doorway is all it takes to let a fly or ant in to your home, which means that these lone creatures don't necessarily mark the presence of an unwanted colony hidden within your house. It will be team to contact your professional pest controllers, however, when ants and flies start invading your home in force, especially if all of the doors and windows have been closed. Your home will require professional intervention should you instead find something that presents a threat to it, such as a lone termite; even one of the pests is enough to put your property at risk. Pests aren't to be taken lightly, even though not every pest necessitates an immediate professional response.

Will Termites Avoid Some Wood Types?

There is high level of finesse in the diet of any termite, regardless of their reputation for voracious appetites. Thankfully, Conquer Termites Northside and our experts on termites in Ashgrove are more than capable of helping you understand which types of wood aren't suitable for the pest to eat. Call us on (07) 3356 8801 to get in touch with our team.
Not every type of wood presents the same allure to termites, making it possible to keep the pests away from your home. Treating your wood with preservatives can curb the growth of decay, fungi, and rot, ensuring termites will be less interested in consuming your home. Alternatively, the type of wood used in the construction of your home can also have an impact on how attractive the property is to termites. Certain types of lumber, such as that procured from yellow cedars and redwoods, aren't attractive to termites, and nor are the non-living central cores of trees, which is known as heartwood. Depending on your needs, however, the compromise these woods present in terms of durability may be untenable. Termites will not be able to consume a composite timber, made of wood fibres and plastics, and these materials would be suitable durable for any home. With the right materials, your home may be a less viable food source for the local termites.

More termite photos from Ashgrove

Ashgrove Termite Protection

Ashgrove Termite Protection

Ashgrove Termite Nest

Ashgrove Termite Nest

Customer Reviews

We're working hard to retain our perfect 5.0 rating on Google.

Ben and the guys from Conquer did an amazing job installing a new termite system at my place recently. Super professional and extremely know... more
Michael Dahl
11 Dec 2020

Really happy with their work and professionalism. They serviced my house a year ago (Termites and Pest) and I haven't had a single spider/an... more
Glen Beumer
11 Dec 2020

As a builder, Conquer Termites are my chosen professionals when it comes to pest Management and Treatments. I've been using them for years a... more
Nick Projects
11 Dec 2020

With no exaggeration Joel and Alexander were fantastic. Very friendly and extremely thorough whilst Inspecting and exterminating my problem ... more
Kellyeanne Ashton
01 Dec 2020

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