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Termites Auchenflower, Brisbane Northside, Queensland

Conquer Termites Northside are here to help if you have a Auchenflower termite or pest problem. Conquer Termites Northside are your friendly local professionals in Auchenflower. Rated 5 stars for our service, Conquer Termites Northside are the team to call out to your home or business.

With a professional team who are fully licensed, qualified and insured we go the extra mile to ensure you receive first rate guaranteed service that others could only wish to do. At Conquer Termites Northside we have the latest inspection technology, tools and are well equiped to deal with most termite or pests control issues.

Call us during business hours or complete our enquiry form to have your termite Auchenflower or pest control Auchenflower needs attended to.

We are ready to service your needs such as:

  • Termite inspections in Auchenflower
  • Termite barriers in Auchenflower
  • Termite eradication Auchenflower
  • Pre purchase inspections Auchenflower
  • Australian Standard pre-contruction termite treatments for renovations and extensions

If you think you've got white ants in Auchenflower then you have termites!

Call on Conquer Termites Northside for your termite and pest control problems on (07) 3356 8801

Auchenflower Termite Treatments

Street Date Treated
Payne Street 2015
Haig Road 2019
Auchenflower Termite Risk

Auchenflower Termite Risk

Pest data for Auchenflower

Auchenflower Termites Inspections Data

Metric Rating (1 Low - 10 High)
Forestry index 4 - limited forest/parks in the area
Water index 8 - some areas are low lying and prone to f
Paperbark index 3
Gumtree index 6
Density 4
Developed 1990 - 2010

Did you know this about Auchenflower

The area was formerly populated by rural estates, one of which was named Auchenflower by Thomas Mcllwrath. Also, Auchenflower experienced severe flooding as part of the 2010-2011 Queensland floods.

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Customer Reviews

We're working hard to retain our perfect 5.0 rating on Google.

We had a sentricon barrier installed by the Conquer Termites team, they were fantastic couldn’t recommend them highly enough. From the ini... more
Emma Trumper
28 Jul 2020

“It’s time for your annual termite inspection and pest control again”, that’s what Karen told me when I received the email from her ... more
Arthur Pandu
27 Jul 2020

Contacted Conquer when we discovered termites, they responded quickly and had a technician out the next day for an inspection and treatment.... more
Emma Kelly
20 Jul 2020

Have been using Conquer Termites for years to protect our home in Brisbane. We live in a treed area where termites are very active. While ne... more
Creative Glass Guild
26 May 2020

 Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are There Termites In My Home?

As one of your largest investments, it's normal to want to protect your home. Luckily, it's easy to avoid attracting termites to your property in Auchenflower.

Anywhere there is food to be found, termites will create colonies. Since these food sources are generally soft or rotting wood, termites can commonly be found in moist places. As such, large clumps of wood, such as piles of firewood, can attract the pests. All collections of wood should be kept 6 metres away from your home and at least 30cm off the ground. If you have any tree limbs or leaves in contact with the roof of your house, these can allow termites easy egress into your home, while rotted stumps, dead trees, and piles of mulch can also provide attractive sources of food. Finally, clogged gutters can result in the wood of your home becoming damp or rotting, providing easy access for termites. However, so long as you account for these problems, you'll be able to easily keep your Auchenflower home termite-free.

Considering that a home is one of the largest long-term investments you can make, it's understandable to want to protect it from pests and termites. You can call Conquer Termites Northside on (07) 3356 8801 for all termite advice in Auchenflower.

More termite photos from Auchenflower

Auchenflower Termite Nest

Auchenflower Termite Nest

Auchenflower Termite Protection

Auchenflower Termite Protection

Auchenflower Termite Nest

Auchenflower Termite Nest

Customer Reviews

We're working hard to retain our perfect 5.0 rating on Google.

Have been using Conquer Termites for years to protect our home in Brisbane. We live in a treed area where termites are very active. While ne... more
Creative Glass Guild
26 May 2020

Highly recommend the team at Conquer Termites, they are very thorough and professional. We have them do our annual pest treatment, which we ... more
Amanda Profke
18 May 2020

I would like to thank Austyn and Conquer Termites Northside for coming to the rescue only two days after we discovered termites had invaded ... more
Joanne Cignoli
25 Mar 2020

I recently had a barrier installed by Conquer and they were great to deal with. The technicians were professional and friendly during the in... more
David Murphy
11 Mar 2020

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