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Termites Indooroopilly, Brisbane Northside, Queensland

Conquer Termites Northside are here to help if you have a Indooroopilly termite or pest problem. Conquer Termites Northside are your friendly local professionals in Indooroopilly. No matter if you need termite protection for your home at Indooroopilly or general pest control, read our reviews to confirm that Conquer Termites Northside's reputation for great service.

Our professional team of qualified technicians are fully licensed and insured so you will receive guaranteed first rate results and we go the distance to provide the level of service that others can only aspire too. The Conquer Termites Northside team have the latest tools, inspection technology so we are well equipped to deal with most termite and pest control problems on the spot.

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  • Indooroopilly termite inspections
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  • Indooroopilly termite eradication
  • Indooroopilly pre purchase inspections
  • Indooroopilly pre-construction termite treatments for renovations and extensions in accordance with the AS

Not sure of the difference between white ants and termites? White ants and termites are the same pest.

For these and other termite and pest problems be sure to call Conquer Termites Northside during office hours on (07) 3356 8801.

Indooroopilly Termite Treatments

Street Date Treated
Russell Terrace 2014
Nelson Parade 2015
Boundary Rd 2015
Ivy St 2016
Carinya St 2016
Jainba Street 2017
Ivy St 2017
Jesmond Rd 2018
Indooroopilly Termite Risk

Indooroopilly Termite Risk

Pest data for Indooroopilly

Indooroopilly Termites Inspections Data

Metric Rating (1 Low - 10 High)
Forestry index 8 - Large golf course and Moore Park
Water index 8 - Next to Brisbane River
Paperbark index 3
Gumtree index 5
Density 8
Developed 1860

Did you know this about Indooroopilly

Indooroopilly, or "Indro" as it's called by the locals is home to large commercial, office and retail sectors, including the largest shopping centre in the western suburbs of Brisbane. The area was first settled by European's in the early 1860's and quickly became host to booming agricultural and mining industries.

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We're working hard to retain our perfect 5.0 rating on Google.

Wonderful service by the team at Conquer Northside, Pest inspection of a home before purchasing; All was completed on time, professionally a... more
Callan Rider
31 Aug 2020

The initial inspection was thorough and detailed. The results were explained clearly and recommendations itemised but not pushed. Treatment ... more
Amanda Courtney
25 Aug 2020

I used conquer Termites for an additional pre purchase Inspection for suspected Termites. They were great to work with, came out super fast ... more
Ebony Hartmann
25 Aug 2020

Great service and professional and informative team led by Joel ! A credit to your company and answered all questions and did fantastic job.... more
Trent Higgs
18 Aug 2020

 Frequently Asked Questions

Are Termites Constantly Active Throughout The Year?

Despite their consistent activity throughout the year, termites can be driven deeper underground during the colder months. Luckily, Conquer Termites Northside can help you with all matters relating to termites in Indooroopilly, including determining when the pests will be active.

Though they are constantly active throughout the year, winter can cause termites to become quieter. Termites crave warm conditions, and in the colder months, they can be known to borrow further into the ground to find that warmth. However, if termites are instead able to find the shelter they need within your home, then they will be as active during winter as they are in summer. Because of this, you must always consider termites as a possible cause for any damage your discover to your property, regardless of the weather or climate. Luckily, our team of termite inspectors in Indooroopilly can always help you find termite infestations at any time of year, including during winter. Thanks to the cold weather, termites can become quieter during winter, though they are always active at any time of the year.

Termites may be a constant threat at all times of the year, but they may become quieter and harder to spot during winter. Fortunately, you can get help with all termite infestations from our termite professionals in Indooroopilly. You can reach our team on (07) 3356 8801.

Is Finding Dead Termites In Your Home Important?

It can be a confusing discovery to find dead termites in your home. Do they pose an active threat to your home, or has the danger already passed? Fortunately, Conquer Termites Northside can help you understand what finding dead termites in your home can mean, thanks to our expertise as termite inspectors in Indooroopilly.

Dead termites are generally not an indication of a failed colony, but rather an active one. These dead bodies can be left behind after termite swarms, where termites will burst into your home from their subterranean colonies and attempt to find a light source. This journey can be difficult, and if the termites do not find soil within a few hours of coming to the surface, they will die. The death of a few termites, however, is not enough to harm the colony, which will continue to survive under or within your home. Thankfully, Conquer Termites Northside can help with all matters relating to termites in Indooroopilly, and can help you find any infestations in your home. When you find dead termites in your home, you should consider the possibility that there is an active infestation somewhere on your property.

If you need help with termites in Indooroopilly, you can call our team on (07) 3356 8801.

What Attracts Termites?

It's normal to want to protect your long-term investments, such as your home. While termites might pose a significant threat, avoiding them in Indooroopilly is simple.

Termites will generally build their colonies around sources of food. Since these food sources are generally soft or rotting wood, termites can commonly be found in moist places. For instance, piles of wood, such as firewoord, tend to attract termites. To help protect your home, you'll want to move these piles 6 metres away from your house, and leave them at least 30cm off the ground. Additionally, dead trees, rotted stumps, as well as tree limbs and leaves in contact with the roof of your house, can all attract termites to your home, as will stockpiles of mulch. Finally, clogged gutters can result in the wood of your home becoming damp or rotting, providing easy access for termites. By taking these preventative measures, you'll be able to ensure your Indooroopilly home is safe from termites.

Wanting to protect your home from pests and termites is not unusual. You can call Conquer Termites Northside on (07) 3356 8801 for all termite advice in Indooroopilly.

More termite photos from Indooroopilly

Indooroopilly Termite Protection

Indooroopilly Termite Protection

Indooroopilly Termite Nest

Indooroopilly Termite Nest

Indooroopilly Termite Protection

Indooroopilly Termite Protection

Customer Reviews

We're working hard to retain our perfect 5.0 rating on Google.

Great service and professional and informative team led by Joel ! A credit to your company and answered all questions and did fantastic job.... more
Trent Higgs
18 Aug 2020

We had a sentricon barrier installed by the Conquer Termites team, they were fantastic couldn't recommend them highly enough. From the initi... more
Emma Trumper
28 Jul 2020

"It's time for your annual termite inspection and pest control again", that's what Karen told me when I received the email from her earlier ... more
Arthur Pandu
27 Jul 2020

Contacted Conquer when we discovered termites, they responded quickly and had a technician out the next day for an inspection and treatment.... more
Emma Kelly
20 Jul 2020

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