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Termites Brisbane - Bracken Ridge

Wed 25 Sep 2019
A recent call-out led the Conquer Termites Northside team to Bracken Ridge - a leafy suburb in the middle of Brisbane's northern corridor and a stone's throw from the Redcliffe Peninsula and Greater Moreton Bay Shire corridor. It's no surprise termites were found in the garage of this wooden home, by the laundry section where wood is often most damp and soft. Where termites in Brisbane are reported, you'll be sure to find Conquer Termites Northside not far from the scene.

Termite infestation in this Bracken Ridge home can be attributed to the minor leakage derived from the antiquated laundry sink, leaving the surrounding areas to be damp and soft. Like a moth to a flame, termites seemed to instantly recognise this sweet-spot, gnawing its way through the wooden skirting and around door frames. Wood began to split and several tunnels began forming from the exterior of the home.

Though an investment property, this Bracken Ridge home suffered significant termite damage. What was further interesting was that a termite inspection was carried out by another pest control company in Brisbane 10 months prior, and reported zero activity as far as termite presence.

If you need a hand dealing with termites in Brisbane, contact the team from Conquer Termites Northside today on 07 3356 8801. Queensland's Best Termite and Pest Inspection company is ready to help tackle any of your termite and pest-related needs in Brisbane's northside and beyond.

Termites Brisbane - Bracken Ridge

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