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Termite inspection tools - Borescope. Alan Ferguson, Conquer Termites Northside

Tue 21 Aug 2018
Basically, a camera rigged at the end of a flexible lead, the Borescope is used in an invasive part of the Termite inspection process. Alan's team drill a small hole on the wall or on the tree stump to get a better look at any termite activity going on in the spaces within walls and other structures. This tool is also vital in knowing which kind of species are present, which is critical in knowing how to get rid of termites (or other prevalent pests!). Some termites scurry away whenever their territory is disturbed whilst some species tend to defend their territories. So when you happen to see or suspect termite activity inside or outside your home, don't pick up the bug spray and look to eradicate them yourself (which may actually even worsen the situation!) Rather, pick up your phone, dial 07 3356 8801, and call on Alan and his team from Conquer Termites Northside.

Termite inspection tools - Borescope. Alan Ferguson, Conquer Termites Northside

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I would like to thank Austyn and Conquer Termites Northside for coming to the rescue only two days after we discovered termites had invaded ... more
Joanne Cignoli
25 Mar 2020

I recently had a barrier installed by Conquer and they were great to deal with. The technicians were professional and friendly during the in... more
David Murphy
11 Mar 2020

Austyn was prompt, efficient and thorough with his work. We are very happy with the detailed report and the inspection and pest control done... more
Honest Reviews
26 Nov 2019

Technicians are excellent. They are so thorough and if you find any issue, you can just contact them and they will be happy to come and put ... more
Arthur Pandu Muliarto
29 Aug 2019

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