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Termites Brisbane - 5 of the best places to check around the house for Termites

Wed 29 Apr 2020
Termites do their destructive work while hiding in plain sight. Thousands of homes in South East Queensland and beyond fall victim to the damages caused by colonies of termites. They leave in their wake a trail of damage on walls, floors, and other areas of the property.  Termites cost families and businesses millions of dollars each and every year. Modifying the old adage, it is more cost-efficient to undertake preventive measures than paying for the cure or the solution. Conquer Termites Northside, know who stressful it can be when discovering live termites and not knowing how far their destruction has gone throughout the house.

We advise checking various areas in the home for conducive elements that could help attract termite colonies into your property. Termites are masters at hiding their activity, so you might get a little investigative on this one. We recommend looking around the following areas of your property, to find out if termites are secretly building their colony, hidden from your sight. Here are 5 tips to help you to get started:

1. Tiny pools of water from leaking air conditioners, taps, and other water systems
In order to thrive, termites have to be in close proximity to water. It is one of the most important resources termites need in order to build their colony. Check around the property for leaking taps or piping systems, or for water dripping from the air conditioner.

2. Woodworks on windows, and door frames
When there is termite activity happening in the property, tiny tunnels are usually built inside woodworks, just below the surface of the paint. These tiny tunnels may be carved inside window frames, skirting, and even door frames. When checking these parts of the property, be on the lookout if the surface of the wood is discoloured, or suspiciously uneven.

3. Retaining walls
Wooden walls made up of treated timber may lose their treatment over time. The treatment is intended to make the wall seem unattractive to termites, however once the treatment wears off, termites may come and see that they have been operating around their version of a gold mine all along. And while we are on the subject of timber, consider checking out piles of wood in the yard or shed for termite activity. Expert Brisbane termite inspectors also encourage property owners to take an extra step and check out tree stumps as termites are very fond of having timber around for their colonies to thrive.

4. Under the property
The team from Conquer Termites Northside have crawled under homes over and over again, scouring the tightest of spaces to look for termite activity. Termites, being the masters of stealth and unexpected property damage, may build a path underneath the property so they can operate freely and hidden from plain view. For these types of situations, it is wiser to call on a team of experienced termite inspectors like Conquer Termites Northside. It's easy to miss areas in this specific part of the home and it needs the keen eye and experience of competent termite inspectors.

5. Around external walls
Looking from the inside out, it is important to do a perimeter check around the property. Garden beds, vines and trees that grow against the external wall of the house may be near the mud leads built by termites. They can also build their mud leads inside tiny gaps or cracks and slowly make their way into your property.

With easy access to a constant supply of water and timber, it is easy for termite colonies to grow. As soon as you discover any termite activity inside your home, don't resort to quick ineffective methods of trying to get rid of them. Call us here at Conquer Termites Northside on (07) 3356 8801.

We will take every precaution in line with the Health & Hygiene regulations in association with the COVID-19 virus. Our technicians are fully trained in the use of PPE - masks, respirators, gloves, hand washing and sanitation. We want you to feel at ease when we visit your home.

Termites Brisbane - 5 of the best places to check around the house for Termites

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